canto e piano

anotem na agenda do sábado, dia 27 próximo, recital de piano e canto no auditório da cultura inglesa de higienópolis, em sampa. mais uma oportunidade para apreciar a pianista maria helena del pozzo que se junta a eliana monteiro da silva, para executar pequenas jóias do repertório brasileiro para piano a quatro mãos. no programa, 3 obras de compositores brasileiros, sendo uma delas particulamente engraçada vez que conta a estória de um… bêbado! 🙂

no programa…
. 12 exercícios brasileiros. luciano gallet
. brasiliana número 12. osvaldo lacerda
. tango. ronaldo miranda

o recital conta ainda com uma segunda parte, canto e piano, com candidatos que receberam menção honrosa no VII Concurso de Interpretação da Canção de Câmera Brasileira.

se você for, a gente se vê por lá! 🙂

serviço: Auditório da Cultura Inglesa. Avenida Higienópolis, 449 (quase esquina com a Avenida Angélica). Ingressos: R$10 e R$ (estudantes e idosos).

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rethinking… bach and joão carlos martins

I think it would be no harm to confess that the brazilian pianist joão carlos martins was never exactly among my favorites. And this has absolutely nothing to do with his high quality’s professional interpretations. Maybe due to too many not fully explained intersections, per say, between art and politics down here – perhaps our part on mephisto‘s context.

Anyway, I have just watched a cut from new documentary on johann sebastian bach – that is in post-production these days and is to be lauched by summer’2009 in USA – and felt touched by martins‘ part. His passion about bach is well known everywhere one goes, but I’ve never thought this would have such a beautiful connection to the heart of the man that had such a terrible disability preventing him from moving forward with his career as a professional pianist. Very touching. I’m looking forward to catch this film!

Here you have the cut… enjoy!

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internet ensemble… playing for change!

These days I’ve been introduced to something I felt like a brilliant idea. That’s “Playing For Change” – a movement to connect the world through music. I’ve just stopped by to check a couple of videos they have made available at YouTube – and simply loved the idea! That’s a great use of internet in order to collaborate and bring people to embrace a cause!

You will find here more information on the general idea behind Playing for change. And while surfing this webpage, reserve a time to explore the videos they have already produced. You can also access the foundation’s website directly at: . If you are a musician and felt like collaborating or taking part in future projects you will find how exploring the website. Here you have a glimpse…

And before you ask me… NO I’m making nothing out of this supportive post. Just felt like going ahead and dropping you a note, to share something that I really believed would worth a visit!

Enjoy! 🙂

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