Music occupies this sacred place in my life, always present, always ON. I can not claim I do know exactly how it all began, but I do recognise it was very early.

I remember a time when digital music was still to be invented; and we were happy kids, myself and my brother, diligently waiting for the last Sunday each month, when a brand new album of a certain vinyl collection was made available at the nearest kiosk. Booklets, biographies, illustrations, pictures and lyrics – the one motivation that accelerated our literacy skills!

From those general music booklets to opera was just an eye blink: literally a pas de bourré, warming-up exercises, standard positions, and there was the ballerina to be in her daily routine. From the ballet to the jazz world, not without a deep dive with the classics, contemporary and even folk dance. And the more I explored the world of dance, the more I got involved with the world of the concert music.

From promising ballerina to be I eventually became a newbie pursuing a degree in another field. But have never left music behind! My classical guitar was an integral part of my student life, and we were all about of the triads, dissonances, supertonics and pianissimos that collectively constitute the world as I experience it. Then one day, I met the piano – my one passion ever since that one moment back a long time ago.

In the words of Albert Einstein, I literally ‘live all my daydreams in music’. This is my favourite theme, my reason to travel the world and learn from places that have been inspiring and influencing composers and soloists all around. Music rules my days, reading, thoughts, ideas, cultural and social activities… and even influences the places I decide to live in.

This blog is my way of collecting and sharing my impressions, ideas and discoveries driven by this passion. This is a personal blog and no visitor’s information is either stored or explored in any way. This is a territory for friends of music. Be welcome!

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