Telemann’s ode to music

Oh if only all the sciences
of men would be so good natured
as you are, the musical art!
Does one need you to honour God,
which is the more encouraging,
in the view of the Creator?
Shall Saul’s melancholy
also now afflict someone,
then he would be free through you.
Say to the jeerer, say it once:
what could move us to place pleasure and strength
no more in the music?

Extract from Telemann’s Cantata TWV 12:6 “Erklingt durch gedoppelt amnehmliche Töne”, Part II – Recitative (Soprano). This work is a Cantata in praise of music itself

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What would Luther do next?

Choir BoysI have engaged to a new side project with the mission of helping a Lutheran church in England to reconfigure – and in due course, reimagine – how they embrace digital communications to better engage with their congregation and also to reach out to a wider targeted audience.

As I started researching their context and identifying think tanks and best practices for 21st century-tuned churches, some very interesting sources and voices kept my ideas busy for a long time. Continue reading “What would Luther do next?”

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I have a certain love for Evensong

ChoirEvensongs are evening prayer services, so called in a reference to the latin ‘Vespers‘, which means ‘evening’. They are offered as part of the liturgy of the canonical hours by many churches including Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran.

While most of those churches will refer to their evening prayers as ‘Vespers’, the Anglican tradition refers to them as ‘Evensong’. The Anglican Evensong includes psalms and canticles, conducted following a set form with a choral delivery of the service.

If you are in the UK – living or perhaps visiting – you will find an evensong near you in this great website: You can browse by location or even post code and they will help you find options nearby. They will also help you learn more about evensongs, for example, understanding the various musical items you will find in a Choral Evensong service. Continue reading “I have a certain love for Evensong”

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Chopin 205!

drawing of ChopinNesta data 22 de fevereiro, no ano de 1810 – embora na incerteza da época há quem defenda que foi em 01 de março do mesmo ano – nascia nos arredores de Warsaw, na Polônia, o pianista e compositor Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, que o mundo conhece por seu nome francês, Frédéric François Chopin. Um dos símbolos máximos do período da música conhecido por Romantismo, talentoso e extremamente reservado, em 18 anos de sua carreira na França, deu cerca de 30 concertos apenas em grandes salas – tímido, preferia o acolhedor ambiente do ambiente de câmara dos salões privados. Permanece um ídolo em sua pátria natal, de onde se mudou aos 21 anos por apoiar o ideal revolucionário contra a política da época, e dá nome ao aeroporto mais importante da Polônia até hoje. Continue reading “Chopin 205!”

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