Playing for Change in Sao Paulo!

logo for playing for changeIf I were to start writing these lines highlighting how much I love this PFC initiative and the band, let us face the truth: no news, right? So let me share something new: they are about to start off the music teaching program in Curitiba pretty soon! This is very good news, huh? 🙂

It means that kids in the Curitiba area will soon get a chance to change their lives at once. It is as the song says… “Freedom and justice, is the melody that let us shine on. If you feel it, through the music, we can make this world a better place!”

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internet ensemble… playing for change!

These days I’ve been introduced to something I felt like a brilliant idea. That’s “Playing For Change” – a movement to connect the world through music. I’ve just stopped by to check a couple of videos they have made available at YouTube – and simply loved the idea! That’s a great use of internet in order to collaborate and bring people to embrace a cause!

You will find here more information on the general idea behind Playing for change. And while surfing this webpage, reserve a time to explore the videos they have already produced. You can also access the foundation’s website directly at: . If you are a musician and felt like collaborating or taking part in future projects you will find how exploring the website. Here you have a glimpse…

And before you ask me… NO I’m making nothing out of this supportive post. Just felt like going ahead and dropping you a note, to share something that I really believed would worth a visit!

Enjoy! 🙂

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