icon for pianoI have been thinking of moving out of Sao Paulo, but then there comes the Piano Recital Series coordinated by the Brazilian Sculpture Museum (“Museu Brasileiro da Escultura”) and surprises me once more. Beautiful initiative, always coming up with an interesting musician and a great repertoire to be tasted. This time a very well known composer – of those we sometimes think that we have already appreciated every piece. And there comes Robert Schumann and his Märchenbilder, Opus 113 (March, 1851).

There are four movements, each of them written after an unique fairy tale. What a lovely dialogue between the piano and the viola! The slow last movement “with melancholy” is specially suggestive of peace and reconciliation, two words that work great with the awaken of the sleeping beauty. Beautiful gift by the hands of Mrs. Liliane Kans (piano) and Mr. Abrahão Saraiva (viola). Perfect sunday afternoon!

Now, better than talking about music is listening, so I offer you here then a youtube version of Schumann’s Märchenbuilder, by the skilful hands of Mr. Sviatoslav Richter (piano) and Mr. Yuri Bashmet (viola). Seat back and enjoy!


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