Music calling for action

In the words of the Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel, ‘with an instrument you own the world’. He is one of the many believers in music’s power to unite and inspire people regardless of any possible barrier they may face.

Music can help us tell compelling stories, engage armies, share complex ideas and feelings, motivate action, promote meaningful conversation. Music can reach and touch people far beyond the limits of spoken words – in fact, music is this universal language by which human links are made without the need to share any common language.

The use of music to help convey messages is not new, but it is always delightful to find out about new uses. I was especially touched by the campaign “Two Thirds of Spring”, where the The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played a version of the widely known Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto arranged by the London-based composer Chris Roe, intentionally taking 1/3 of the notes and bars out. Why 1/3? Because this percentage represents the amount of funds Cancer Research UK  received from wills in the UK last year. So instead of thinking figures and amounts, potential donors are actually invited to ‘feel’ what a difference 1/3 makes.

No more talking: I share hereunder the ‘behind the scenes and full performance’ video. Kindly check Cancer Research UK’s page on The importance of Gifts in Wills for more details.

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