Telemann’s ode to music

Oh if only all the sciences
of men would be so good natured
as you are, the musical art!
Does one need you to honour God,
which is the more encouraging,
in the view of the Creator?
Shall Saul’s melancholy
also now afflict someone,
then he would be free through you.
Say to the jeerer, say it once:
what could move us to place pleasure and strength
no more in the music?

Extract from Telemann’s Cantata TWV 12:6 “Erklingt durch gedoppelt amnehmliche Töne”, Part II – Recitative (Soprano). This work is a Cantata in praise of music itself

And here goes the petite cadeau: unsurprisingly, I could not find a single video of Telemann’s above mentioned Cantata. I will share therefore a delightful evidence of Telemann’s charming pieces, as shown by the bells of Telemman’s very Magdeburg city’s town hall. Genießen Sie!

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