Which musical instrument changed your life?

Surfing around my favourite music-related websites I just stopped by the one of Radio WNYC 93.9FM and learnt they’re supporting another Radio – WQXR (105.9 FM in NYC area) – which is collecting gently used musical instruments and distributing them to schoolchildren in music classrooms in NYC area.

It reminded me of the beautiful work endeavoured by the Playing for Change Foundation and I felt like spreading the word here at LesAmis – one never knows when some of us or someone we know may be in the neighbourhood of NYC and willing to contribute. So join the cause, pass it on!

The campaign is live from March 28th until April 7thHopefully each of the collected instruments will play a role in changing somebody’s life!

Now back to our post: which musical instrument changed your life?

vladimir_horowitz_at_the_pianoMy life was certainly enriched – not only but specially – by the smart hands of Mr. Vladimir Horowitz playing the piano! What a wonderful discovery I made listening to his inspired interpretations. I first elected the chords among my favourites – violin and the spanish guitar to be more precise. I even studied the guitar for many years during my youth. But one day I listened more carefully to the piano and… I am still gladly doing it so far! 🙂

And you: which musical instrument changed your life? 🙂

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  1. The Great Highland Bagpipe. Vi e ouvi pela primeira vez quando tinha cinco anos e só sosseguei quando comprei uma e aprendi a tocar. As for mr Horowitz, his hands are precise and supple, but the genious of mr Glenn Gould is – to me – unsurpassed.

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